Rob Mathers

About Rob

I'm a software developer and ski instructor from Toronto.

You can follow me on Instagram, for ski and dog pictures (and occasionally other adventures), or on Mastodon, where you'll find me occasionally talking tech and a few other odds and ends.


I work at Axonify, developing iOS apps.

You can see some of my personal projects on my Github profile. I'm not currently taking any freelance work, but I'm happy to discuss potential projects. I can be contacted through my freelance site, I specialize in iOS, but I'm more than happy to discuss any project.


As a CSIA certified Level 4 instructor, and Development Level CSCF coach, I work with skiers of all different levels of experience and ability. It's a fun gig. I spend much of my time on snow training and certifying other instructors, as a course conductor for the CSIA.

If you're interested in skiing with me, I'm available for private lessons through the Craigleith snow school or Just for Fun Ski Club.

In the past I've spent my winters teaching at beautiful Big White Ski Resort, near Kelowna, BC. I highly recommend it, and the great ski school there.

Photo Credit

The title photo of me was taken by the very talented Andrew Jay, who is responsible for many of the shots you see promoting Big White. He's also one of the great snowboard pros teaching at Big White.